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Audio Interfaces
- Designed and manufactured to the highest specifications, Redbox is a range of analogue and digital audio interface boxes for use in various professional applications including radio stations, TV studios, home studios and video and recording suites.
Reference Monitors
- The Reference Monitor Range is a new series of rack-mount audio monitors, combining the latest DSP technology with outstanding audio enclosure design to produce monitors of the highest standards with exceptional sound quality, a comprehensive feature set and good looks in the rack.
Mixing Consoles
- S2 is a new breed of radio broadcast mixer. Using the latest technology components, S2 offers digital audio quality with analogue reliability in a modular format. S2 has both AES/EBU digital and analogue input channels, together with simultaneous analogue and AES/EBU digital outputs.
Telephone Hybrid
- Telephone hybrids (or telephone balance units) provide the interface between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network. They provide protection for your equipment and the public telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and line conditions. Automatically cancelling out the unwanted signal they also facilitate two-way communication down a single telephone line.

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