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Abstract: The RB-SSML1 is a 1U rack-mountable source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming microphone or stereo line signal and mixing this signal with a stereo monitor input, which can then be metered and mixed to two headphone outputs. The unit is mainly used in situations where level control is required, for example in voiceover applications.

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Abstract: The RB-DA6 is a 1U rack-mount high performance 6 way stereo distribution amplifier for splitting a source into a number of different outputs.

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Abstract: The RB-DDA22 is a multiple input and multiple output digital audio distribution amplifier designed to accept one of 5 different digital inputs and output to 22 digital audio outputs of 5 different connector types. It is used for distributing digital audio data in many formats, repeating both the audio data and the status information of the input whilst re-clocking the data and re-normalising to the appropriate standard digital audio levels.

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