Aero 8A

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Abstract: From the legendary Aero line array series is born the . The new generation of D.A.S. line array systems designed to possess the qualities needed to dominate the ever-changing and fiercely competitive world of sound touring. New speaker components, power electronics and line array models provide professionals with improved performance capabilities, widening the range of applications where the line arrays will succeed.

Aero 8A

- Powered ultra-compact two-way line array module
- Class D two channel amplifier 250 W LF + 100 W HF
- One 8″ loudspeaker with neodymium magnet assembly
- New M-60N Neodymium compression driver
- SERPIS BPS-191 high frequency plane wave generator
- Captive rigging system integrated in the cabinet design

The new Aero 8A was designed to provide audio professionals with exceptional line array performance from an ultra-compact enclosure. Measuring only 24.5 x 52.6 x 35.5 cm (9.6 x 20.7 x 14 in), the easy to handle units can be configured into arrays that are both powerful and predictable.

Equipped with the latest in Class D power amplification and digital signal processing, the amplifier offers 250 W for the low frequency loudspeaker and 100 W for the high frequency driver. A two position HF EQ compensation switch which adjusts the high frequency response for arrays of 4 or 8 or more units is located on the rear panel. The Aero 8A incorporates the D.A.S. 8MN, 8″ low frequency transducer. The 8MN employs a 62 mm (2.5″) voice coil and neodymium magnet motor assembly. High frequency reproduction relies on the exceptional characteristics of the new M-60N neodymium compression driver. Each motor system is attached to a new BPS-191 waveguide-horn assembly.

The extremely compact enclosure is manufactured using birch plywood protected with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. The Aero 8A´s 5º trapezoidal shape and rear located splay angle adjusters keep the front spacing between adjacent elements the same, providing the array with a “seamless” front baffle, for improved array performance. The captive rigging system splay angles range from 0º to 10º and can be adjusted in 1º increments allowing a wide range of column curvatures to be accomplished.

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