Phone In 6

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Abstract: Phone In 6 The Phone In 6 is a telephone switching system for radio talkshows. It consists of one or more desktop Remote Control Panels for call control, and a rackmount Base Console which contains all of the audio and telephony connections, including two superb quality digital telephone hybrids. Connected via Ethernet, the units make up a simple, easy to use talkshow system.

The Base Console can be loaded with 1, 2, or 3 modules, where each module can have 2 x PSTN (normal telephone) lines, 1 x ISDN BRI line or 1 x GSM line. The ISDN basic rate interface allows two calls to be handled, one on each ISDN B channel. The PSTN module has two interfaces each using a modern digital hybrid interface, which is settable by software to handle a variety of PSTN and PABX systems with varying impedances, call connection & disconnection tones. The GSM unit handles one call and requires an external antenna to be mounted close to the Base Console but with an interference-free line-of-sight to the nearest cell.

The Base Console front panel shows metering of audio to and from the telephone line for each of the two hybrids. There are separate LEDs to show limiting, AGC active and AES/EBU lock (for the PI-6D version of the Base Console which has AES/EBU hybrid audio I/O). There is individual adjustment of level to and from the line for each hybrid using 3 position switches.


The Remote Control Panel (RCP) has 3 rows of 6 Line selection buttons, with the top LINE HOLD buttons used to receive or drop a call from a line and the HYBRID 1 and HYBRID 2 buttons used to send the caller to the respective hybrid. The LOCAL button routes the caller to a headset or telephone handset that is connected to the rear of the RCP. The presenter/producer audio from this headset is sent to the caller via the Base Console over Ethernet with caller audio being received similarly. A keypad on the RCP allows numbers to be dialled and a bright LED menu display with multiple control buttons allows more detailed functions to be performed. The RCP uses a USB connection for DC power.

The Phone In 6 uses an echo-cancellation DSP algorithm and impedance matching to give around 70dB cancellation, which provides excellent separation of caller & line send audio and elimination of feedback, distortion & echo on the incoming calls. This is close to being the best performance possible on a telephone line and uses the same enhanced echo cancellation algorithms as used on the DHY-03, the best performing telephone hybrid in the world.


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