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SKM 5200 ll
[SENNHEISER] - SKM 5200 ll

The SKM 5200-II is the next evolution of the SKM 5200 world class microphone. Robust, reliable and user-friendly, the professional hand-held transmitter is suitable for every conceivable type of recording and transmission situation. The mechanics, electronics and operating concept were designed to meet the highest requirements of live events..
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[SENNHEISER] - SK 5212 ll

The new SK 5212-ll is the distillation of the latest technology arising from Sennheiser’s experience in RF transmission. It combines a maximum in reliability and versatility in a very small housing.
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SK 5212 ll
EM 3732 II

The new EM 3700-II Series combines highest operational reliability, best sound quality and great convenience and comfort for the user. The wide switching bandwidth of 184 MHz and many connection options make these receivers the most flexible tools in the market.
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[SENNHEISER] - Digital 9000 Series

The Wireless Masterpiece The Digital 9000 system has been developed for all professional users in broadcast studios, theatres and live performances unwilling to comprise on sound. Its unique uncompressed digital audio transmission offers artefacts free sound with great dynamics.
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Digital 9000 Series
[Prodys] - Ikusnet

Ikusnet H264 Bidirectional Portable Video Codec for Live Broadcasting over IP or Satellite. Ikusnet is a multi-purpose HD/SD Mpeg4 AVC/H.264 bidirectional portable IP video and audio codec that can broadcast live from anywhere, at anytime, supporting ad-hoc bandwidth aggregation of up to 10 links (3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/WIFI) with a statistical real-time load-balancing algorithm that assures best possible network utilization, reducing jitter and packet losses.
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[Sonifex] - Phone In 6

Phone In 6 The Phone In 6 is a telephone switching system for radio talkshows. It consists of one or more desktop Remote Control Panels for call control, and a rackmount Base Console which contains all of the audio and telephony connections, including two superb quality digital telephone hybrids. Connected via Ethernet, the units make up a simple, easy to use talkshow system.
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Phone In 6
Aero 8A
[D.A.S. Audio] - Aero 8A

From the legendary Aero line array series is born the . The new generation of D.A.S. line array systems designed to possess the qualities needed to dominate the ever-changing and fiercely competitive world of sound touring. New speaker components, power electronics and line array models provide professionals with improved performance capabilities, widening the range of applications where the line arrays will succeed.
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